Follow up on the latest improvements and updates.


Send your Libreture ebooks direct to your device (through services like Send-to-Kindle) using Libreture's new Send to Device feature!
See that new little paper plane icon in each book's status bar? That's new!
It will remain faint until you add a
Send to Device
email to your Account settings.
Once you add a delivery address, such as your
email, the icon will enable, and clicking it will ping your ebooks to your device for immediate reading.
If your delivery service requires a verified sending address (as
Send to Kindle
does), please use:
For Kindle users, see Amazon's Send to Kindle page for more details.
Give it a try, let me know if you hit any problems, and especially let me know if you like it!
Happy Reading,



Uploads are now easier

Ashley has updated the upload page and related code to help readers add only the ebook and comic formats we currently support.
It's sometimes tough to spot the right formats from
, and
files. And let's not start on uploading
files containing any and all of those supported formats. Well here's a little help.
Uploading just got easier.
The Upload page now gently informs your device of what formats you can upload when you browse for them - only showing you compatible files...
It also double-checks the format before adding it to your library, reducing errors that get in the way of tracking your reading. You'll see a message letting you know of any problems before you try adding new books to your library.
This keeps your libraries neater, reduces upload errors for unsupported files, and just makes storing your ebooks, digital comics, magazines, and RPGs in Libreture much easier.
Happy Reading,
You'll notice that the Details section of your book pages now includes some additional information.
The information is now split into
This is information about the book file itself, rather than what the book is about.
It's supplementary information, and now includes:
You'll soon find a nice book-specific activity feed here, displaying when you uploaded your book, when you started reading it, and when you finished. It will look nice too, perhaps with a little line connecting the individual activities into a timeline, yeah?
Multiple Authors
Ashley has also worked on extracting additional information from your ebooks that have multiple authors. Again, it all depends on that information being recorded correctly in the file to begin with, but Libreture will now list multiple entries under author. You can edit this yourself, of course. And Ashley and I would love your feedback on how this works out for you and your own ebook collection.
More ebook fun soon!
Happy Reading,
Wondering which books (or more likely comics) are taking up all your library space? Well, wonder no more!
The Details section of each book page now shows you the book's
File Size
. Not only useful for seeing what's taking up your current storage space, but really handy for deciding if it's worth downloading that 700MB PDF comic to your phone.
New and interesting ways of seeing this info coming soon, along with even more useful book details and metadata.
For now, go read those chonky books!
Your book's details now include the date you uploaded it!
Down in that detail-filled corner of the each book page, you'll now find a date entry letting you know when the book was added to the owner's library.
This is the first step in displaying more reading activity data on each book's page.
There's more to come
Keep an eye out for more book details appearing in that particular spot soon, as we add in additional info from your book files. For example, how about
file size
Happy Reading,
As you may have seen, the Zip Upload feature had been having problems since we migrated Libreture and updated a lot of the software. It's now fully-working again.
Libreture's developer, Ashley, fixed the
Zip Upload
process itself last week, allowing everyone to upload compressed batches of books in one go. But the e-mail report readers receive afterwards still wouldn't work. The report details what books you successfully added and if there were any duplicates or issues.
It turns out updating the software that handles the Zip Uploads broke a workaround for a bug in the older version of the software that's since been fixed. Yay!
Interface Updates
I've fixed and improved a number of interface elements across the site.
The most obvious are the
Status Menu
on each book page, the position and order of fields on the
page - this should make uploading your books a smoother process, and adding easy-to-find buttons to the library menu to things like your Activity Feed, OPDS & Privacy settings.
More interface changes will follow soon, as I standardise on a new look & feel to Libreture.
Being more transparent at Libreture is one thing. Listening to readers is something else.
That's why you can now suggest new features, report bugs, and help inform the Libreture roadmap.
We've introduced a suite of new
tools to help with this:This is all to say that I want to build a thriving community around reading ebooks, supporting independent ebookshops, authors & publishers, and each other.
After moving Libreture to a new server and updating almost all the software, Ashley, Libreture's Developer, has fixed the underlying issues. But as new features launch, I want to be sure you're aware of anything that could impact on your digital reading - you know, that
most important thing
So, say hello to the new
Status Page
The status page is the place to find out if Libreture is running properly, and learn about any planned maintenance or issues that may be affect your enjoyment of the site.


We've Moved!

Libreture now lives in the Netherlands!
Me? I'm still in "
" Cumbria...
With possible changes to the UK's stance on GDPR and online privacy, I felt it best to ensure the site itself was located in the EU.
The move was part of our migration to new hosting providers. Our new hosts, the fantastic Mythic Beasts, are an independent UK-based hosting company. As well as hosting the Libreture server, Mythic Beasts also manage it. They keep it in tip-top condition, ensuring you have safe, secure, and constant access to your ebook cloud library.